Friday, May 18, 2007

Going Home

I've been offline for a while - visited my mom in Mass for a long Mother's Day weekend. Above is "Honey," my childhood teddy bear that my mom has kept all these years. I've also been recovering from a three week long bout with bad asthma, and am trying to get my garden in, even though it's slow and I've needed lots of help from the family.

I took a ton of photos on my trip, and will be doing some photo blogs soon. Also, I finished Patry Francis's The Liar's Diary and was completely hooked by it. I'll be doing a review here very soon!

Wish me luck with the premier (first ever) query for Lady Blues, coming up soon and going to a very good agent. Fingers crossed but holding my expectations at bay. It's the only way not to go nuts with this process!

Thanks and stop by soon for more photos. ;o)



Anonymous said...

Aaron, glad you're back. Hope you get the garden and asthma both taken care of. Good luck with the query. Looking forward to viewing the photos.

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Thanks, Steve! I have to catch up with all my blogger friends, too. I'll be over in a sec. ;o)