Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hi, folks.

I've finished up the tough-but-necessary jobs that stopped my current work in progress in early December. I slammed through Mazurka (the third in the LeGarde Mystery series) to polish it "one more time," before sending it to Twilight Times Books, as requested. I should be hearing back real soon about their decision. Here's my current cover design.

I reread and outlined Firesong: an unholy grave (fourth in the series) so that I could write a decent one paged synopsis for my agent, who will be pitching it to the "big boys" this year. I hope whoever picks it up will use my cover, below. (Or some version of it!)

And I finally reviewed the first 26 chapter of Lady Blues, so I'd remember what the heck I wrote a few months ago. Here's my cover design place holder. What I really plan to do is overlay an image of a beautiful black woman in the background of the stage lighting. I'd like to make it rather ethereal, and almost ghostly. Ideas on implementing this?

Happy sigh. I'm writing 'new' again. Imagining scenes again. Living Gus's life again. And it's grand. My juices are flowin' and I'm in Heaven. God, I love this part.

Anyway, if you don't see a lot of clever posts or new photos, you'll know it's due to two things:

My Canon Powershot G2 died. (sob)

And I'm already into chapter 29 of Lady. ;o)

I may post some of my old photos, just for fun. Maybe I'll follow Steve's example and put up some of my old Europe photos. Would anyone like to see them? Here's one, just for fun:

I'm thinking of sponsoring a writing contest, too, where the prize will be a copy of Tremolo when it comes out in print this year. Ideas? How about a flash piece that is so imagery rich you are transported to the scene? In 500 words or less? What do you think?



astrologymemphis.blogspot.com said...

Sounds like a great contest. I'll find the time somehow. Love the window picture. Your camera didn't reall die, did it? Please say no!

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Yeah, my poor baby died. Well, it still takes photos, but the zoom is frozen as are all the buttons that control the menu and the macro mode. There's a standard fee of $157 for Canon to repair them, and I see the next model up (used G3s) are going for less than that on ebay. So I'm lurking on ebay these days and hoping to make a good deal.

You'd like that kind of contest? Yay! I think I will do it. Now, the issue is timing. I just found out that Tremolo's official release date for the print book is August 15th, 2007. Think I should wait to hold the contest 'til closer to that date?

Anonymous said...

Aaron, do post some of your older photos. I would love to see them. The book covers look great.

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Hey, Steve.

Thank you! I love designing my book covers. It keeps me outta trouble, ya know? LOL.

Yeah? You wanna see some of the old photos? Okay, consider it done. Maybe I'll combine it with an excerpt from Mazurka, which takes place in Europe, anyway.

Thanks, bud!