Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Perfect Winter Day

Yesterday was a perfect winter day. The air was calm, with temperatures in the mid-twenties, and the sun shone so warm and brilliant, it lured me all day. When the chores were finally accomplished, the requisite Saturday jobs attended to, I finally wandered outside to snap a few pictures of our back yard.

Here are my trio of cottonwoods. Tall, majestic, and home for many birds.

These thistles also feed the birds in the summer and provide great interest in the winter. Lovely shapes, so delicate and upward lifting.

Icicles called to me again, this time from the back porch. They glistened so in the late afternoon sun, I couldn't stop snapping photos.

Not so symmetric as the icicles I captured on the paddock fence a few weeks ago, these are still hynotic, as if a crystal world reflects within.

This old chestnut tree is dying - or so I thought. Last year a whole new branch shot out and produced, of all things, chestnuts! I love the gnarled appearance of this section of the dead wood, especially cast against the azure sky.

I followed these footsteps around the yard, captivated by the brillian reflections of the sun on the snow.

...and ended up here, in my garden. Surprised? Not if you know me. ;o) This lonely cornstalk fluttered in the light breeze, and I knelt in about two feet of crusty snow, my jeans soaked, trying to get just the right angle before the light died.

Spring's coming, and I can't wait to get out in the garden again. But I've thoroughly enjoyed this wintry season. What a gift!

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