Monday, October 23, 2006

Title: Pervalism
Author: M.E Ellis
Publisher: Wild Child Publishing
Publisher's Address: P.O. Box 4897, Culver City, CA, 90231-4897
ISBN number: 1-934069-21-3.
Price: $15.99
Publisher phone number and/or website address:

By M.E Ellis
Review by Aaron Paul Lazar
Author of the LeGarde Mystery Series

Pervalism is a gripping journey into the tortured mind of serial killer John Brookes. Abused by an odious mother and adored by a doting father, Brookes’ psyche is scarred from childhood. His sins begin with animal torture, which gives him a weighty sense of power and a bizarre sensual release. Although the torture scenes were tough to read, the story beguiled this reader with ghoulish fascination and it was impossible not to read Pervalism in one sitting.

Pervalism is not for the faint of heart. Brookes’ vile behaviors escalate as he reaches his teen years. When his promiscuous mother bears a child, resultant from an affair, his jealousy erupts into obsessive rage. She appears to love the new baby. Yet Brookes is riddled with questions, ripped apart by the disparity. How could she have hated him so much, yet love the squalling baby who now rides in his old pram? His hostility and excessive envy push him to stalk her, and when opportunities ripen, he drives her to a ghastly deed.

Oddly enough, Brookes matures into a seemingly normal man who marries, has a child, and holds down a job as a hospital janitor. Yet, perhaps it isn’t really so strange, when one considers the current day killers who are unmasked and found to be living sedately in suburbia, reportedly considered “nice, quiet neighbors.” Brookes holds out for several years without giving into his baser needs. The devil quiets when he learns to love his wife and son with ferocity.

When Brookes’ family is treated poorly, a rumbling sense of outrage collides with old feelings of violence and revenge, and the grisly deeds of his earlier life are perpetuated.

As the body count rises, Ellis exhibits a unique talent in her ability to provoke understanding and empathy for her homicidal protagonist. Brookes’ pain is palpable. His fears understandable. His rage predictable. Each time he kills anew, however, the horror escalates to unpredictable levels.

M.E’s skill is consummate. Her voice, consistent and eerie, will ensnare the most reticent reader. An English setting, the backdrop for Brookes’ heinous acts, provides a rich tapestry of British culture that weaves depth and a strong sense of place into the work. John Brookes becomes eerily lifelike in this potent and unforgettable thriller. Watch the book trailer at and purchase either the ebook or print book at:


Aaron Paul Lazar resides in Upstate New York with his wife, three daughters, two grandsons, mother-in-law, dog, and four cats. After writing in the early morning hours, he works as an electrophotographic engineer at Kodak, in Rochester, New York. Additional passions include vegetable, fruit, and flower gardening; preparing large family feasts; photographing his family, gardens, and the breathtakingly beautiful Genesee Valley; cross-country skiing across the rolling hills; playing a distinctly amateur level of piano, and spending “time” with the French Impressionists whenever possible. Although he adored raising his three delightful daughters, Mr. Lazar finds grandfathering his “two little buddies” to be one of the finest experiences of his life.

Double Forté is the founding book of the LeGarde Mystery series and was released in January, 2005. Upstaged, the second, was released in October, 2005. His third, Tremolo: cry of the loon, was released via Twilight Times Books under the Paladin Timeless Imprint in fall, 2006. Mr. Lazar is currently working on his eleventh book, Lady Blues. He is a regular columnist for FMAM (Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine) and The Back Room, A Cozy Retreat for Writers and Readers. Contact him at: or via his website at

Thursday, October 12, 2006

In the Mood for Haiku?

(See contributions from friends at the end of this post.)

Red berries

Cold with morning dew

Quench my thirst

This morning, while waiting for hours at the doctor's office, I read more from Wabi Sabi for Writers by Richard Powell. This book speaks to my writer's soul. Its inspiration is pure and true. As I stared outside the window at a holly bush, hanging heavy with red berries, the above Haiku came to mind.

The above images were snapped during the past week. Do they inspire your writer's soul?

If Haiku is your thing, try your hand at it.

Remember, it's either of the following formats (in syllables):




Post your Haiku here, and also send them to SW Vaughn, who will post them on her Haiku site and marry them with one of these images or another of her own choosing.


From Kim Milgate:


Lovely wide-eyed lamb
Clean clear soul

From Allison Lazar:

Agony stricken
Finally time to dispose
of all that is bad

From Jude Hardin:

Fuzzy orange worm
Climbs a stairway to nowhere
Dreaming of white wings

From Jeanne Fielding:

Fearsome Haiku land
Faint of heart be wary now
Nature's featured here

From Lesia Valentine:

Sweet kitten

lithe bundle of fur
has sharp claws

Sweet kitten

curious and brave
eats orange worms

Book Trailers If you enjoyed the movie below, wait 'til you see the ones created by Lesia Valentine adn S.W. Vaughn (aka Sonja Baines). These two great writers inspired me to try my hand at it. Please check out their trailers at:

Rain Coming, by Lesia Valentine

Soul Haven by Sonja Baines

Let me know what you think, and be sure to post on their blogs to give them feedback!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Okay, this is the third version of the trailer. I hope this is the final one, I need to start on trailers for individual books!