Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Happy October!

Yesterday morning dawned wet, dark, and windy. But by the time I started my walk--after writing chapter 28 in the new LeGarde Mystery--the sun was shining and a cool, stiff breeze blew across the fields. I walked 3.5 miles and just as I got home, it clouded up again and threatened rain. Boy, was I lucky. Not that a little rain would have melted me, or anything.  ;o)

We picked the last of our tomatoes and made a fresh tomato soup the other day -- boy is it good. So easy to make, just cook down the fresh tomatoes, strain out the skin and seeds, add a little ketchup for tang, a bit of S&P, and you've got your own better-than-Campbells tomato soup!

It's been crazy warm here this month up in the Finger Lakes region. Have you seen that in your area? We usually are in the 60s or maybe 70s in October, but we've had many days in the 80s. I'm sure we'll see some more normal temps soon--the one thing we can count on up here as far as the weather is concerned is the variability!

For the Birds, the award-winning book 1 in Tall Pines Mysteries, is on sale for 99 cents through this month. (see below) I hope you can also find some nice deals below - I'm offering some specials from other authors as a gift to you. Let me know if you like any of them!

Happy reading,

Aaron Paul Lazar

I thought I'd share some fun stuff with you today.
  • Author Appearances - Stop by if you're in the area!
  • What I'm Reading - Vegas Lies by Andrew Cunningham
  • Book Sale - For the Birds
  • How's the New Gus LeGarde Mystery Coming?
Author Appearances:
  • Deer Run Winery, Geneseo, NY: Reading Between the Wines, Sunday Oct. 15th, 2-5.   
  • Dansville Public Library, Dansville, NY: An Author's Evening. Tuesday, October 17th, 6:30 PM.
What I'm Reading

If you like mystery/thrillers, please check out Andrew Cunningham's new eBook or paperback.

Vegas Lies
a "Lies" novel, book 3
by Andrew Cunningham


Five teenage girls from a small town in Oregon disappear without a trace. Were they kidnapped, or have the five friends perpetrated a massive hoax?

Nine hundred miles away in Las Vegas, a woman with a dark secret vanishes on her way to meet friends for dinner.

Those friends are Del Honeycutt and bestselling mystery author Sabrina Spencer, in Las Vegas for a book convention. As Del and Sabrina investigate their friend’s disappearance, they are convinced that she has been abducted, and they begin to uncover the secrets that might have triggered her abduction, secrets that now put Del and Sabrina’s lives in jeopardy.

When clues indicate that the five missing girls might also be in Las Vegas, the situation takes a new turn, directly into the unthinkable.

Once again, Del and Sabrina find themselves head over heels in trouble and marked for death, and they only have a few hours to solve the case or their friend and the five young girls will be gone forever.

Be sure to check out my review on Amazon. I LOVED this book!
Send Date: 10-31-2017

For the Birds (Tall Pines Mysteries Book 1)

By Aaron Paul Lazar

Usual Price: 3.99 Sale: .99

Treasure. Secrets. A 50-year-old unsolved bank heist. See Marcella run for her life in For the Birds, a sensual, mystical, rollercoaster ride through the Adirondack Mountains. "...a lively story of deceit, obsession, and redemption" G. Scholter

So, how's the new LeGarde Mystery Coming?
The twelfth LeGarde Mystery is at 43,000 words now and still rolling forward. It's my first "series crossover" mystery that brings two series together. Gus runs into Jack and Scout from The Seadog, a Paines Creek Beach love story, as well as Libby and Finn from The Seacrest. You probably know how much I love Paines Creek Beach in Brewster, Mass. So you'll understand why I took Gus and Camille there to "vacation." So far, this has been the worst and most challenging vacation ever!

In spite of having many new family problems over the past few weeks, plus also having my gums operated on (Ack! I have stitches in my MOUTH!), I'm still writing in spite of it. Yay!

Happy reading, and don't forget to take pleasure in the little things.

Aaron Paul Lazar