Friday, May 29, 2015

Name That Hurricane! (for my next book)

Hello, all!

It's been a crazy season in my author's life, as well as in "real" life. But the garden's in, my mom's surgery is over, and we're fully enjoying life with my daughter and her one year-old-son. (We adore that baby boy!) I've also released the sequel to Devil's Lake, entitled Devil's Creek, and am on the way to finishing up another sequel as well.

This time it's The Seacroft, which follows The Seacrest (a love story set on Cape Cod). We haven't finalized the cover art yet, but then again, I'm only halfway through the story. ;o) Here's how you can help! 

NAME THE HURRICANE: I need to choose a fictitious hurricane name. I've decided to stick with "D" names, and you can vote on it here: NAME THE HURRICANE 

YOUR HURRICANE STORIES: I need descriptions of hurricanes, and if you've lived through one on Cape Cod, even better! I want my readers to feel the wind, hear the howls, and be shocked at the destruction that follows.

My main protagonist (Vivian) is escaping from a mansion on Cape Cod (bay side). The hurricane is raging. A big elm tree goes down in front of her. The shed door flies off sails across the yard. It's dark, almost blindingly so with heavy downpours and a sideways wind that is howling like mad. She is seeking shelter outside the mansion, because she found the guy she likes in bed with their boss lady (LOL). Plywood loosens off window in garage, pinwheels across the yard. She's going to sleep for a while in the garage, then head out to her mother's nursing home at daylight, but the storm will still be continuing. I'll show her making her way through the horrors, then I'll show the aftermath in the community. I think we'll have flooding in the nursing home and she'll have to get her mother to the higher elevations in the building. ;o) So, any details you might like to share like that would be great!

Thanks in advance, and feel free to add your memories in the comment section, below!

Have a great weekend,

Aaron Lazar

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