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THE SEACREST: a love story, FREE Kindle Download, Dec. 26-28th.

From Aaron Lazar, a post-Christmas gift to you! Free Kindle eBook from Amazon, Friday through Sunday, 12/26 - 12/28, 2014. Pick up your copy today! 100 5 star reviews on Amazon, The Seacrest has also won some nice awards this year:

2014 Best Beach Book Festival WINNER, Romance category 2013 

ForeWord Book Awards, Romance, FINALIST 


Hope you enjoy this excerpt from chapter 4.

July 2nd, 1997

We played with the beach ball for about an hour, laughing and churning up sand three hundred yards up the beach, away from the sunbathers and family picnics. After the first few nervous minutes, the whole thing felt very natural, as if we were just kids and there were no boy-girl elements to be embarrassed about.
But there certainly were boy-girl elements.
I watched her tawny arms as they flailed and whapped the ball and marveled at her long, delicate legs when she ran back and forth along the quiet stretch of sand we’d chosen. Her eyes had a way of widening in mock horror when I tossed it too high and she missed it, quickly followed by a wide smile that dizzied me.
She had a nice figure, with slim legs, a narrow waist, and pretty shoulders. Her one-piece black suit covered areas I tried not to stare at, but couldn’t help wanting to. I wondered how it would feel to touch her. Probably softer than silk. Her hair cascaded along her back, bouncing dark against her summer brown skin.
We collapsed on the sand with the ball between us, breathing hard and laughing.
“You’re pretty good at this,” she said.
I leaned back on my arms and chuckled. “So are you. For a girl.”
She sat up and hit my arm. “What? For a girl?”
Afraid she’d storm off, I took her hand and pulled her close to me. “I’m just kidding! Really, you’re good, even for a guy.”
She smiled that lazy, sweet grin again and I felt my heart melt.
“Okay. That’s better.”
“I haven’t seen you at my school. Are you from around here?” I asked.
“I just came back for the summer.”
“Back from where?” I said. “Reform school?”
She hit me again and I knew I deserved it.
“Just for that, I’m not telling you. You’re horrible!” Her smile belied her words.
I grinned back at her. “So, what’s your name?”
“Okay.” I sat up, furrowed my brow, and placed fingertips against my temples, staring at her. “I’m getting something. It’s coming.”
She laughed and poked my chest. “Oh, really? What do you see?”
I gave it a shot. “Jennifer?”
She snorted. “No!”
I tried again. “Sarah?”
She giggled. “Heck, no.”
I tried to think of the most popular names of our generation, hoping it was one of them. “Allison?”
“Uhnt-uh.” She shook her head.
“Give me a hint.”
“Oh, come on!” I frowned. “How can I guess?”
“You have to.”
“Okay. Hannah? Jessica? Carly? Jenna? Lisa?”
“No, no, no, no, and no.”
“Hey. How ‘bout if I tell you my name?”
“What is it?”
I hesitated. “It’s a weird one.”
“Tell me.”
“Okay. It’s Finn.”
She tilted her head. “That’s not weird. I like it. Finn.” She seemed to taste the letters on her tongue, enjoying the feel of it. “It’s different. But nice.”
“Okay. Your turn.” I sat forward expectantly.
“Nope. I’m not telling. You have to keep guessing.”
I ran through all the names I could imagine, and didn’t hit on it. Frustrated now, I flopped back on the sand. “Okay. Then I’m gonna make up a name for you.”
She made a face. “Really?” Quickly, she leaned over me, her face blocking the sun.
In a sudden rush of feeling, I wanted to pull her to me, to smother her in kisses, to taste the salt on her skin.
“Okay, what’s it gonna be? What’s my new name?”
“Let me think.”
Her hair danced over my bare chest. I caught it and played with it. “You are sweet. I could call you Honey.”
“Boring,” she said.
“How about Candy?”
“Sexist,” she pouted.
“Even worse! I’m not a playboy bunny!”
“Okay, Well, you look delicious. How about Cupcake?”
She hissed. “That sounds like a chubby girl. Or a pony.”
“Okay, okay. Let me think. Maybe I need some inspiration. How about a kiss?”
At first I thought she’d reel back and hit me. But to my surprise, she lowered her lips to mine, stopping just an inch apart. “Okay. Just a little one, though.”
I reached my arms up to her neck and pulled her toward me. At the last minute, just as I felt the soft sweetness of her mouth brushing mine, she pulled back.
“Nope. Too soon.” She got up and laughed, twirling around with the ball. “Come on. What’s my nickname?”
I sat up, trying to control the heat surging beneath my bathing suit. “Okay. I’ve got it.”
“What? What is it?”
She pranced toward me. “I love that! Okay. From now on, I’m Sassy to you.”
Her father appeared out of nowhere, his face a study in disapproval. I think he hated me from the moment I’d asked her to toss the ball around. I also figured he’d probably seen us lying near each other, and got nervous.
He glared at me. “Time for lunch. Let’s go.”
There was no arguing with his stern tone. She tossed him the ball and wiggled her fingers at me. “See ya ‘round, Finn.”
I grinned like an idiot. God, she was cute. “Okay, Sassy. See ya.”
I watched her link arms with her father and sashay away from me. The sun winked on the brilliant sand, almost blinding me. As if hypnotized, I stared with slack jaw until I could barely make out her figure among the crowded, colorful throng of beach-lovers.
Oh, Sassy. You’re the one for me.

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Aaron Paul Lazar writes to soothe his soul. An award-winning, bestselling Kindle author of three addictive mystery series, writing books, and a new love story, Aaron enjoys the Genesee Valley countryside in upstate New York, where his characters embrace life, play with their dogs and grandkids, grow sumptuous gardens, and chase bad guys. Visit his website at and watch for his upcoming releases, UNDER THE ICE(2015) and DEVIL’S CREEK(2015). Contact him at aaron dot lazar at yahoo dot com.

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Happy Holidays!

Hi, folks! I know the Christmas season is a busy one, so I'll keep this short. I have several new offerings and a few deals I wanted to share today. See below and let me know if you need something for Christmas so I can get it to you on time!



DEAL #1: For the next few days, the Kindle version of Betrayal is on sale for 99 cents. This is book 4 in Tall Pines Mysteries, but it can be read as a standalone.

DEALl #2: The audiobook was released yesterday! I have FREE coupons which I'll give to the first three readers who want to LISTEN to this story via Our narrator, Gwendolyn Druyor, is Hollywood perfect! She will astound you with her talent.

 DEAL #3: This popular love story will be FREE (Kindle) from December 26th-28th. Be sure to get your copy if you haven't read it yet. And be sure you are over 18, for this is for adults only.

Yesterday I received print copies of my new book, Sanctuary: A Tall Pines Mystery. The book including shipping is $18.00 (signed to whomever you wish). The audio version is also available now, so you can listen while you drive, work, or play. ;o)

DEAL #4: If you buy Sanctuary (print book) from me, I'll take 50% off any of these print books: 
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Coming Home - A Facebook Event Where You Can Win Audiobooks from Amazing Authors!

The wind is singing winter blues
Whispering with her is a muse
Let her notes take you away
Swifter than a reindeer sleigh
Home awaits... Before you travel
Take a moment to unravel
Our story, our plot
And the gifts that we have brought
Let me tell you who we are
Come to us from near and far--


The days are short, the sun a spark
So faint the shine at the edge of dark
You shiver in the grip of ice
Home seems far, as under glass--

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Devil's Lake - free download, TODAY! 

Today - download Aaron Lazar's new romantic thriller for free! (click on image for link)

After two years of brutal captivity, Portia Lamont has escaped and returned to her family’s Vermont horse farm—only to find her parents gone to New York to try an experimental treatment for her mother’s cancer, and her childhood friend Boone Hawke running the farm. 

Like the rest of her family, Boone has never given up hope that Portia would return. But when she turns up battered, skinny as a twelve-year-old boy, afraid of everything and unable to talk about what happened, he does the only thing he can—try to help her heal. He summons the town doctor and Portia’s parents, and sets out to put this beautiful, broken woman back together again. 

Through her family's love and Boone's gentle affection, Portia gradually comes back to herself, and starts to fall for her old friend in a whole new way. But one thing threatens her fragile hope for recovery: The man who took her promised that if she ever escaped, he'd kill her. Slowly. And someone is definitely watching her...waiting to make his next deadly move. 


Aaron Paul Lazar writes to soothe his soul. A bestselling Kindle author of 22 books, including three addictive mystery series, writing books, and a new love story, Aaron enjoys the Genesee Valley countryside in upstate New York, where his characters embrace life, play with their dogs and grandkids, grow sumptuous gardens, and chase bad guys. Visit his website at and watch for his upcoming release, UNDER THE ICE. Aaron has won over 18 book awards for his novels and finds writing to be his form of "cheap therapy." Feel free to connect with him on Facebook or his website; he loves to connect with readers!

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Welcome to the "Wined, Dined, and Read" Blog Hop!

I am pleased to be invited by Uvi Poznansky, author and artist extraordinaire, to take part in this delicious blog hop! Uvi Poznansky is a California-based author, poet and artist. “I paint with my pen,” she says, “and write with my paintbrush.” Uvi writes across a variety of genres: Apart From Love (contemporary fiction, Rise to Power (historical fiction), A Peek at Bathsheba (historical fiction), A Favorite Son (biblical fiction), Home (poetry), Twisted (fantasy) Now I Am Paper (children’s book) and Jess and Wiggle (children’s book.)

Please stop over at her blog to read her scrumptious excerpts from her lovely and diverse novels! Thank you, Uvi!

Now, come along and see what you think of my taste in wine, food, and books.

If your main character were a glass of wine, which one would they be?
Quinn “Black Eagle” Hollister, of the Tall Pines Mystery series, would be a glass of Seneca Shores RED KNIGHT: “Soft, East to Sip, Mellow. Big YUM Factor.” My lady readers have all fallen in love with quiet, soft-spoken, and beautiful Indian brave with the dark, glossy hair and turquoise eyes, so I guess they’d agree with the “yum” factor!

Describe your book in one meal:

Let’s talk about BETRAYAL, the new Tall Pines mystery. Here’s a scene with the love triangle formed by Quinn, Marcella, and Sky.

It started to snow again. Hard. And by the time I had the tuna sandwiches on and carried them to the table, the view outside was pure white. The wind howled like a desperate, injured wild animal, making me shiver and go for my heavier sweatshirt.

Quinn and Sky worked on the fire side by side, almost like young scouts trying to earn their merit badges.

Oh, God. There was that image again of Sky making the Boy Scout sign.

In that damned cave.

Where I’d practically attacked him.

I shoved the mental image down and opened a bag of Fritos. “Want chips, men?”

Sky nodded and Quinn agreed. “Sure, babe.”

“Want some milk to drink, too? I know we have tea, but…” 

Again, they both said yes, thanks, as if I’d offered them some kind of nectar of the gods. 

I glanced at them while I poured the milk. They ate their sandwiches with gusto. Of course, they both looked like Greek gods, and there was no way around it. Tonight I’d be swimming in a pool teeming with testosterone. Or something like that, because there was no way Sky was driving out of here in the blizzard.

An hour later, I made final cups of tea, finished washing the dishes, and proposed a game of Scrabble. Quinn got the board out and Sky stoked the fire. We laid out the letter trays on the dining room table near the stove. I shook the velvet bag to mix up the letters. “Go ahead, Sky. You pick first.”

He dug into the bag and brandished his letter. “B,” he said.

Quinn nodded in approval. “Good one. You’ll probably go first.”

I held the bag out to Quinn. “Go ahead, honey.” 

Quinn reached inside, stirred the tiles with his long fingers, and pulled out his trophy. With one eyebrow in the air, he pronounced, “Oh, weird. I’ve got a B, too.”

I looked from Sky to Quinn, pulling my own tile out of the bag. “X.” 

Quinn shot me a half-smile. “You’ve gotta choose then, Marcella. Pick between us. Who goes first?”

I sat glued to the chair, looking between them. What had my life come down to, when even playing a simple game I froze trying to choose between them. I was ridiculously aware of the appalling parallel. “I can’t pick. Go again.” I held up the bag.

Sky put up a hand. “That’s silly. Quinn can go first.”

Quinn disagreed. “No. You’re the guest. You go first.”

I shook the bag and laughed. “Okay, this is crazy. I’ll go first. We’ll go counterclockwise. Me, Sky, Quinn. Now pick your seven letters.”

We’d been at it for about forty-five minutes, and I was staring in disbelief at all the horrible letters on my tray, when the phone rang. I jumped up, glad for an excuse to get out of my turn. “Go ahead, guys, just skip me.”

Wht candy would your book be? 

BETRAYAL would best fit as a York Peppermint Patty. Set in the deep, snowy cold of the Adirondack mountains, it’s also surrounded by the rich chocolate of yearning and desire.

What does your book smell like?

My characters are in love with essential oils. Here’s one section that definitely applies!


I saw him now—clearly. He stood in the doorway with Dak on a taut leash. Quinn’s eyes almost glowed in that early morning light, intense against his dark smooth skin. His strong jaw was set, determined. His glossy dark hair fell over his shoulders, and on his open-necked denim shirt the turquoise bolo—the one that matched his lovely eyes—lay flat on his chest.

I sat up. “Quinn?”

As if he’d seen an angel appear out of the darkness, Quinn’s face came alive. He and Dak ran to me, all legs and arms and flapping furry tail. I had no wires attached, so they tumbled onto the bed with me. I was kissed and licked and hugged and snuggled by man and canine. The whole thing made me laugh so hard and so long that I couldn’t breathe, almost like a tickle-fest from childhood.

“Babe.” His eyes caught mine and searched them. “You’re back.”

I leaned forward to kiss his soft lips. “Yeah. Hi.”

“Hi, yourself.” He stretched out on one side of me and Dak curled at the bottom of the bed. “Oh, Marcella.” His voice grew hoarse with emotion. “I’ve missed you so much.”

I breathed in the scent of him, the comforting, familiar, and oh-so-lovely scent of my man. I got a wisp of something else, too. Maybe Cedarwood?

I sat up. “Where are my oils? I need them. I need my Frankincense.”

He leaned over and opened the drawer in the little table beside me. “Here you go. We kept them near you. But the docs wouldn’t let us touch you until you were ready to see us.” He lowered his eyes. “Maybe I should have fought it. I wanted to hold you and kiss you and slather you with the oils.”

I put a finger to his lips. “It’s okay. They did what they thought best. Maybe I needed a timeout, who knows.”

His eyes met mine, probing. “Not surprising, after all you went through, babe. But are you gonna be okay now?”

I hugged him tight, rubbing my hands on his back in small circles. “Yes. Now give me some of that Frankincense. I want to douse myself in it.”

He turned sideways and plucked the red-labeled bottle from the drawer. “Here you go.”

I uncapped it and drew in a greedy breath full of the aroma. A woodsy, warm, heady scent filled the room, elevating me with feelings of hope and well-being. “Oh, that’s so good.” 

We shared the oil, rubbing it on our temples and the back of our necks, then lay on the bed unspeaking, just holding each other.

Your book’s snack would be:

Tangy, sweet Honeycrisp apples and sharp cheddar cheese made in New York State.

Describe your most memorable meal:

Sometimes, simple is just so good, right? Here’s a nice meal prepared for Marcella by her former lover, Sky Lissoneau.

I looked at him. His jeans fit well, worn at the bottoms and snug around his hips. He wore an old green and black flannel shirt that complemented his eyes. In a flash, the old memories invaded my brain again. Sky and me together at the State Fair. Our first kiss. Our first time in his parents’ pontoon boat. The rocking waves. The way he took such exquisite care of me, my body, my needs.

He dumped the bags on the kitchen counter, putting some away and keeping some items out on the shelf. “Quinn’s not coming back?”

I shook my head. “He didn’t come up this time.”

He stole a sideways glance, now obviously curious. “Okay…Well, I’ll cook the steaks if you want. No need for both of us to eat alone.”

So, he still didn’t have a girlfriend to eat dinner with?

It seemed impossible. Sky is a gorgeous man with a big stout heart and plenty of love to share. Sure, he could be brooding at times, and he’d work himself to death if someone didn’t drag him out of his lab most days, but he was a real catch. Especially up here in the wilderness where there weren’t many young single men around.

I started to unpack the food I’d brought in from the van earlier, stowing the fish in the freezer and the apples in the crisper. I turned the refrigerator’s cold setting from low to medium, and checked the cabinets. We’d really cleaned them out last fall before we closed Tall Pines for the winter. It was slim pickins. Some canned goods. Stale coffee. Steak sauce. Powdered creamer. A jar of spaghetti sauce. A bottle of olive oil and some seasonings. I’d definitely have to go shopping in the morning.

I filled a bowl with water for Dak and poured his kibble into another dish. “There you go, sweetie.”

With big tail wagging, my pal slurped some water and began to devour his supper.

“He’s grown a lot in six months,” Sky said, looking up from the frying pan. He’d begun to sauté mushrooms and onions in butter, and it smelled fantastic.

I leaned down to pat Dak, ruffling his glossy, long fur. “He has. He gained another seven pounds. He still thinks he’s a lap dog, though.”

“Don’t they all?” He grinned and added the steaks to the pan. “I don’t know how you feel about nuked potatoes, but if we wait for them to bake we’ll probably starve to death. At least I will,” he winked. “I skipped lunch.”

I realized I had, too. My stomach rumbled as if in agreement. I laughed and covered my mouth. “Oh, me, too. I’ll just pop ‘em in the microwave, and we can bake them for the last few minutes. Maybe it’ll crisp up the skins?”

He’d already ripped open a package of Boston lettuce and begun to rinse it under the faucet. “If you want to, you can chop the pepper, tomatoes, and cucumbers.”

“Sure.” I closed the microwave, set it to ten minutes, and selected a knife from the box. I slid a cutting board down from the hook on the wall and grabbed a yellow pepper.

In silence, we stood side by side preparing the salad. When the bowl was full, the steaks were just about ready. I took out the potatoes, wishing I’d thrown them in the oven before he arrived. They weren’t very crispy.

We filled our plates and sat in the now warm dining area. Dak settled on the floor at my feet, and I glanced at Sky across the table.

Before he picked up his fork, he reached for my hand, catching my eyes with his. “Okay. So are you gonna tell me what’s going on now?”

I slumped in my seat feeling lost, yet aching to spill my guts. “I guess.” Mechanically, I picked up my fork and started to carve a piece of steak, dipping it in the A1 sauce I’d miraculously found in the cabinet. Maybe if I concentrate on the dinner, I won’t fall apart.

He leaned forward. “So? Where is he? Where’s Quinn?”

It wasn’t going to work. My face crumpled and my voice hitched. “I…I left him.”

Sky’s eyes widened, staring at me intently. “You what?”

“We’re having some issues. I needed to be alone.”

He put a huge chunk of butter on his potato, smearing it around with his fork. With deliberately slow motions, he asked, “Is this about the baby? Callie told me you had to give her up today.”

I nodded, not trusting my voice. Instead, I took a drink of sweet well water.

“I’m really sorry about Kimi. I know it must’ve hurt like hell,” he said.

I nodded and chewed, not trusting my voice.

“Are you officially separated?”

I spoke in a tiny voice I barely recognized as my own. “I don’t know what we are. I just need time away. To think. To try to get over it.”

“I’m sorry, Marcie. I thought you guys were pretty solid.”

“We are. I mean, we were.”

“Do you think you’ll patch things up?”

I hung my head. “Honestly? I don’t know.”

One food word to describe your writing style:

What will someone find you eating/drinking when you’re really into a good book?

Slices of dill Havarti cheese, tart Snap Dragon apples, and a glass of good Riesling.

Sweet or Salty?

That’s a tough call, for I love eclairs as much as Marcella does in the Tall Pines Mysteries, but I also love Cheesits!

Thank you so much for following along with our blog hop! Please check out these authors who will be taking part in the near future.

Barb Caffrey, author of the An Elfy on the Loose. You can check it out, here.

Dina Von Lowenkraft, author of Dragon Fire. Come on over to Amazon to take a look!

Maria DeVivo, author of The Coal Elf, found here.

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A Simplistic, Step-by-Step Guide on How to Prepare Your Ebook Novel for PRINT folks.

I have struggled a lot with my print book formatting. It seems every time I do it, I forget a step or just plain forget how to do it. Sometimes I feel like a real dummy!

So, I thought it might be nice to record a list of steps I use when converting my eBook to print book format (ultimately to a pdf file). My references below are based on books I wrote created with a docx file, using Microsoft Word on a MacBook Pro. But if you’re already proficient with Word and have created your own eBooks, it shouldn’t matter which platform or computer you’re using.

You may want to read another article I wrote a few weeks ago first, however. It covers the timing of the release of your book versions (eBook, audio book, print), because it really does help you cut down on typos, and the whole process is easier if you go this route. Here's the link.

The following guide assumes you have already successfully formatted your book for eBook usage, that you use headers for your chapter headings, and “normal” text for the body of your book. If you haven’t done this yet, I strongly suggest you watch the many videos on YouTube that will teach you how to create a mobi, ePub, and pdf version of your eBook for Amazon or other venues. And be sure you have done it all correctly by using the Preview feature to page through every single line of your eBook before you release it. Of course, if you goof up, it’s not biggie. You can fix it by reloading a new file.

Depending on your book, this article may be too simplistic an approach. But if you don’t have photos or graphics, if you’re producing a straight-forward novel, and if there’s nothing else “fancy” about your book, this could help you. If you’re creating a cookbook with recipes and illustrations, you will need much more in depth knowledge than I share here!
You may also look up many videos on YouTube which help with this process. I use CreateSpace, an Amazon company, to create my print books, and I am very happy with them.

I’m assuming if you’ve already learned how to do the eBook part of this process, you will have no problems registering and following all the steps at CreateSpace. If you do, however, use their support system via email or phone. They are very good!

I’ve had unique issues from time to time with footers (strange spacing issues), special fonts, creating a nice image for the title font, or other weird situations. But today I’m just going to give you the basics, and if you have strange things happen on the side, search for an answer online. I’ve found help that way which thankfully saved me and helped me solve some bizarre issues.

A Simplistic Step-by-Step Guide on How to Prepare Your Ebook Novel for PRINT
 copyright 2014, aaron paul lazar

1)   Decide what size print book you want. I usually choose 6”x9”. It has a very nice look and feel. Go to your “File/Page SetUp” menu and choose “manage custom sizes.” Then enter 6” x 9” (or size of your choice). If you already have a slew of books, especially if they are in a series, think about uniformity and how they will look stacked together on a shelf. You want to keep the sizes the same, if possible.
2)   BE SURE TO SAVE THIS FILE WITH “PRINT BOOK” in the title, or in a new folder, so it doesn’t change your eBook file!
3)   Select the main body of your text and change it from “left justified” which you probably used for your eBook, to “justified,” so it spreads out evenly across the page from left to right. There is another way to do this more globally, using styles. But many folks aren’t familiar with that process, so I’m using the manual example here.
4)   You will have to go back to your title page, dedication page, acknowledgments page, chapter headings, etc. now to be sure they are centered. (Again, you can do this globally by using the header style setting – but that’s another whole article. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube that show you how to use the Styles features in Microsoft Word if you are interested.)
5)   Next go to “Format/Document.” On the “Margins” tab, click on “mirror margins.” You can use whatever spacing you want within the Create Space guidelines, but I chose the following, and it works well on my book size of six by nine inches.
a.     Top: 0.57” 
b.     Bottom: 0.57”
c.      Inside: 0.91”
d.     Outside: 0.57”
e.     Gutter: 0.0”
f.      Header: 0.50”
g.     Footer, 0.50”

6)   Double check all your Headers, such as Chapter Names/Numbers. Be sure that you don’t have a tab on this line, because the chapter heading will not be centered properly if so. Remove all tabs for centered headings.
7)   If you want to fancy up your text a little, take the first few lines of each chapter (beneath the chapter heading) and make them into another font. I use Copperplate Gothic Light, which is quite nice.
8)   If you use scene breaks, you might want to make them “prettier” than just three asterisks in a row or whatever character you use to separate the scenes. I use the wingdings 2 "e and f” in series. It looks like like a nice scrolled designBe sure when you center this that there is no tab which will offset it’s centered position!
9)   If you have links to your social media in your eBook, you will have to spell them out in your print book. I realized this too late and now have to go back and update a bunch of my print books. But we live and learn, and I make no claim to being brilliant, LOL.
10)  I use hyperlinks in my eBook, which just show “Facebook,” for example, with an embedded link. When they click on the link in the eBook, it takes them to my author page. But in the print book, you need to spell it out, like this:
11)  Headers and Footers are next. They can be a real challenge, and it took me a long time to get it right. I’m not sure I still have it right, but here’s what I do: 

a.     Go to page 2 of your book, and hit “View/Header and Footer.”
b.      In the Header/Footer formatting section, select, “Different odd and even pages” and “Different first page.” (you don’t want headers or footers on your title page!)
c.      From my observations, the author’s name goes on even page numbers, and the book title goes on odd page numbers. When I hold my books in my hand, that means the left side page has my name on the top, and the right side page has the book title on the top. If you want it reversed, then just switch the following directions.
d.     Go to the first even page header. Type your author name in the header section. Put one line break beneath it, to separate it a bit from the text. I usually make the size one or two sizes smaller than the body text. Center it, and make sure you have no tabs active so it will really be centered on the page. I use the Copperplate Gothic Light for the header texts.
e.     Go to the next page (odd). Type your book title there, with the same instructions as above for font size and type, spacing, centering, no tabs, etc.
f.      Hit Footer.
g.     Select “different first page” and “different even and odd pages.”
h.     Choose a page numbering format that you like. There are many canned formats. I’ve seen page numbers on the “outside” of pages on the header and/or footer, or centered in the footer. Your choice! Be sure you select this for both even and odd pages if you want it on the “outside.” You’ll need to customize each footer and make the even page “left justified” and the odd page “right justified.” 

12)  Save the file as a pdf. Be sure to organize this file and your new “print” file separately from your eBook files. I suggest dating the file name as well, because you will likely have iterations. I name mine, for example, “Sanctuary, Print DOC, 10-30-14, a” because if there are errors in your formatting, you will have iterations on the same day. Using the a, b, c, denotes the changes, and you can erase the previous ones when you’re done. I also put the DOC and PDF in the titles, even though the doc type shows it. It makes for less errors. And don’t forget, you won’t edit the pdf version if you have errors, you’ll edit the doc version, then resave it as a pdf. Saving as a pdf keeps your special fonts from disappearing. Create Space doesn’t have all the fonts you may use. For example, if my characters are reading an entry from an antique diary, or reciting poetry, or singing a song, I usually try to pick a different font to make it stand out. Using the pdf preserves these fonts.
13)  Now comes the really important part. After you register your account on Create Space, enter all the pertinent data for your book, and load your book file, you have to check it out, page by page. Use the “Launch Interior Reviewer” to do this. If you get an error, don’t feel bad. I’ve had errors almost every time I format a print book. I have to go through the whole process, fix my mistakes, and reload the book to their site. It’s an iterative process at best, but maybe you’ll be lucky and nail it the first time!
14)  Book Cover Caveat: I use a professional cover designer to make all my covers. One of the files she gives me is for the print book. Just before you load your cover up to Create Space, you will have to tell your cover designer several things: Black and white or color image, white or cream paper, and number of pages (as determined by final file in Create Space, not what you see on your docx file.) She will send you a new file custom formatted exactly for your number of pages. This is important, as the spine size has to be “just right.” If you are better than me at all this, you can buy books on how to create your book cover, or, once again, go search on YouTube! Maybe I’ll learn this eventually, but for now, I like the look of a professionally designed and formatted cover.
15)  After you are certain your book looks good, and after you have paged through it religiously to be sure there aren’t any extra blank pages or improperly centered chapter headings, then save it, and order one (1) proof copy. You really need to examine the print book in person before you order any more for your next book signing.
16)  It might be a good idea to have your spouse or a friend review the print book, too. Once you’ve approved the print book for sale, it’s “out there,” and all your mistakes will be forever printed on customers’ copies.
17)  CreateSpace will have to approve your files, usually within 24 hours. If you are 100% confident that you have done it right, if you’ve made no changes that you haven’t proofed AGAIN with one physical copy of the book, then order your books for your book signings, etc. The prices are really reasonable (I pay about $4-5 including shipping for a book sized at roughly 250-300 pages.)
18)  Your readers will be able to order through Amazon and other platforms if you choose that option when you set it up. Be sure to fill in the section for the BISAC code, including author bio, synopsis, and tags, so your book can be sent to more vendors for sale.
19)  Remember, if you are on Kindle Select, your eBook only sells from Amazon. But your PRINT book can be sold at Barnes and Noble or anywhere else that CreateSpace sets up for you.

Good luck and happy formatting!

Aaron Lazar

Aaron Paul Lazar writes to soothe his soul. A bestselling Kindle author of 22 books, including three addictive mystery series, writing books, and a new love story, Aaron enjoys the Genesee Valley countryside in upstate New York, where his characters embrace life, play with their dogs and grandkids, grow sumptuous gardens, and chase bad guys. Visit his website at and watch for his upcoming release, UNDER THE ICE. Aaron has won over 18 book awards for his novels and finds writing to be his form of "cheap therapy." Feel free to connect with him on Facebook or his website; he loves to connect with readers.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Sky Lissoneau, The "Bad Boy" from Tall Pines Mysteries

Hi, folks!

Today I'm participating in another blog hop, an event that jumps from one writer's blog to another. In this particular hop, we're featuring characters from our novels. Polly Iyer, suspense author extraordinaire, invited me to participate. I've read and loved all of her novels, including HOOKED and MIND GAMES.  

Here is a link to her blog, where she discusses her character, Diana Racine, one of my favorites.

Polly has just released the third Diana Racine novel, BACKLASH, which I'm dying to read. Here's a peek at the book: psychic Diana Racine’s old friend is murdered in New Orleans, her love, Lieutenant Ernie Lucier, brings her in to consult on the case. What she sees when she touches the dead man’s body is another man with silver eyes, a gang tattoo, and a bullet in the middle of his forehead. Before long, Diana and Lucier are drawn into a web of murders that stretches far into the past. The deeper they get into the investigation, the more it appears the deaths are the work of a group of vigilantes on a moral crusade. Vigilantes wearing the blue of the NOPD who won’t let anything or anyone stand in their way.

*** Now here is my piece about one of my very favorite characters. ***

Sky Lissoneau: the “Bad Boy” from Tall Pines Mysteries

copyight 2014, Aaron Lazar

When I began to write the Tall Pines Mystery series, I never intended to create a mystery featuring a sensuous three-way relationship between Marcella, her husband Quinn, and her first love, Sky. But that’s exactly what happened, and the tension and desire are still scorching the pages behind the mysteries in books two through four.

In For the Birds, book 1, Marcella is in love with her husband of seven years, a beautiful half-Seneca man named Quinn “Black Eagle” Hollister. I hadn’t created Sky Lissoneau yet, who shows up as a feature character in book two, Essentially Yours.  Sky proposed to Marcella when she was a young woman on the brink of pursing her singing career. She loved him deeply, but wanted to follow her heart to New York City, where she hoped to become part of the cast in The Metropolitan Opera.

When Sky arrives on the scene after being MIA for eighteen years, Marcella is stunned and deeply conflicted. Of course she loves her husband. She adores him. But when she sees the passion that still fills Sky’s sea green eyes, it makes her remember the times they had together as teenagers on Honeoye Lake. As a youth, the young Sky methodically studied methods to please women, and his talent in that arena had driven Marcella to heights she’d never forget. He’d been her first, and she’d ridden those waves of rapture with abandon on his family’s pontoon boat at night in the middle of the lake.

Sky suffered badly in the war, including having to secretly leave his platoon when his best friend’s life was in danger. Captured and held as a prisoner of war for years, all he could think of was Marcella, his darling Marcella. It was the thought of Marcella’s soft kisses that kept him going. Her infectious laugh helped him survive the cruelest torture. And when he returned with a gang of vicious hi-powered crooks chasing him, she’d saved his life. Somehow, he just knew she’d be there, still waiting.

It was when Marcella introduced Quinn that his heart was broken for the second time in his life.

Now he secretly hopes she’ll dump her big, beautiful Indian brave and come back to him. But he never says a word. He just looks at her with adoration, and jumps to help her whenever possible. In Betrayal, book #4, Marcella is on the outs with her husband and flees to their cabin in the Adirondacks for solace.

Sky lives and works at Project Hope, a research site in the mountains. When she calls him for help turning on her water and heat, he’s at her side in a flash, and is very happy to oblige. ;o)
BETRAYAL: A Tall Pines Mystery

Marcella Hollister realized a lifetime of hopes and dreams when she was given custody of a child. A cousin of her half-Seneca husband, Quinn, the baby’s mother was murdered in a political plot—and Marcella, who’s never been able to have children of her own, formed an instant bond with little Kimi.

Then a distant relative comes forward to claim Kimi—and Quinn, who Marcella thought understood her pain better than anyone, allows them to take the baby without a fight.

Confused and deeply wounded, Marcella takes off for Tall Pines, their secluded Adirondack cabin. She hopes the peace and natural beauty of the mountains will help clear her head and decide whether to forgive Quinn…or leave him.

But the situation at Tall Pines is anything but peaceful. Her high school lover, Sky, arrives to help out—and Marcella discovers her old feelings may not be as distant as she thought. Worse, a serial killer is stalking young women in the area. And when a teen girl whose mother works with Sky goes missing, Marcella and everyone she cares for wind up dead center in the killer’s sights.

Next, please stop by my fellow authors' websites when you can. Next week they will post their
"About My Character" pieces for you to enjoy!

Mary Bradley McCauley
They are at The House of Annon to learn how to change their lives. Annon is their guide, helping them and at the same time searching for the one who will replace him, guiding others to change their lives. He studies each one, wondering who it will be; one of these, or is there another to come? At each session they talk about the amazing changes in their lives, face obstacles, and overcome set-backs in order to learn how to use the infinite power within. In the beginning there are only four. More will come, more always come.


Books by multi-award winning author, Aaron Lazar:

DOUBLE FORTÉ (print, eBook, audio book)
UPSTAGED (print, eBook, audio book)  
MAZURKA (print, eBook, audio book)
FIRESONG (print, eBook, audio book)
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HEALEY'S CAVE (print, eBook, audio book)
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FOR THE BIRDS (print, eBook, audio book)
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THE SEACREST (print, eBook, and audio book)


WRITE LIKE THE WIND, volumes 1, 2, 3 (ebooks and audio books)

About Aaron Lazar: 

Aaron Paul Lazar writes to soothe his soul. A bestselling Kindle author of 22 books, including three addictive mystery series, writing books, and a new love story, Aaron enjoys the Genesee Valley countryside in upstate New York, where his characters embrace life, play with their dogs and grandkids, grow sumptuous gardens, and chase bad guys. Visit his website at and watch for his upcoming release, UNDER THE ICE. Aaron has won over 18 book awards for his novels and finds writing to be his form of "cheap therapy." Feel free to connect with him on Facebook or his website; he loves to connect with readers!