Friday, August 11, 2006

Here's a nice shot of a bumblebee , taken by friend Linda Slade, copyright 2006, used with permission.

Ever seen a "clear winged hummingbird moth?" Isn't it cool? I have these all over my tall garden phlox this time of year. This little guy was captured by friend Linda Slade, copyright 2006, used with permission.


Zinnia said...

Holy spotted milk cows on a popcicle stick! Talk about amazing photos!

I have hummers that visit my cascading petunias. There's about 6 species flying around here. The hummers, not the petunias, ROFL!

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

LOL! I'd love to see that many hummingbirds. We seem to just have one variety - they have a lime green throat and some red on them. Ring a bell at all? Impossible to get photos of, though. They're so fast and so little!!!

Thought you'd appreciate this - I harvested my onion crop and some All Red potatoes yesterday. The onions were the best ever - three varieties - Candy, Walla Walla, and Corba, for storage. The Candy (early variety) just rotted in the ground. I've never had such huge onions, and didn't realize they had to be dug shortly after the tops died down. I thought they'd last like potatoes do! Oh well, lost half the crop. But the ones that survived will make some delicious meals for us.

Zinnia said...

Walla Walla? The only variety of that I've ever known is Walla Walla garlic. Those are harvested when the tops die. Just harvested ours about three weeks ago. Those and California garlic. Our onions didn't do well this year. The weather conditions weren't good for them.

Speaking of gardens, I really need to go pick tomatoes and cucumbers. I've been making dill pickles of late.