Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Walk Among the Tulips: a photo essay
by Aaron Paul Lazar

Spring has burst into color in Upstate NY. All of the flowers that were late, are now burgeoning with color.

The Tahiti Daffodils are my favorite variety. They stand strong, last long, and the colors explode from the vibrantly colored petals. I have three dozen, but I plan to buy many more. ;o)

The sun shone so brightly this morning. I was captivated by these hues.

Don't you just love the fiery orange fluffy petals that mingle with the yellow?

View of a Ballerina Tulip just starting to open, "from the top."

And from the side. These tulips go beautifully with the Tahiti Daffs.

So far, only the nectarine, cherry, and plum blossoms are blooming. We're waiting for the pear, apple, and peach blossoms. This is my Mericrest Nectarine tree, purchased from Miller's Nurseries on West Lake Road in Canandaigua, NY. They are a great company who will replace any trees that don't make it over the winter.

I have three forty foot rows of garlic this year. The funny thing is, I started out with two rows, but in January, when we had a really crazy thaw with very warm temperatures, a friend gave me more garlic that was sprouting in his garage, I planted it in the mud, and here it is, as tall and healthy as the stuff that went in in November!

Here's some of the kale that overwintered. I used it in a soup this week, and just noticed the seeds starting to form. I'll let it competely go to seed, dry the pods, then save them for next year's crop! This is how last year's seeds are doing.

I planted them about two weeks ago. Healthy little seedlings, aren't they? I planted a ten foot wide row. The only way to go with greens - they shade out all the weeds and do marvelously.

Finally, the maple trees are blooming! It's odd, though. There are two maples that are about 200 years old on the property, only about 75 feet apart. This one is full of emerging leaves. But this one is still full of flowers, no leaves! ;o)

Thanks for joining me on the "tour" this morning.

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Anonymous said...

Great photos, Aaron. Glad to see your weather has turned out so well. What do you do with all of that garlic? Our nice spring has finally cooled down and the rain is here. It was nice while it lasted.

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Thanks, Steve. I have discovered roasted garlic on all kinds of veggie - especially good on roasted eggplant with extra virgin olive oil. Mmmm. You can use up a lot of it that way! I cook with it in everything, and it lasts most of the summer, fall, and winter!

Unknown said...

I love those daffodils Aaron. With fires consuming the forests around here, I headed into the ones near us with my camera ... to capture the spring perennials in case the fire heads this way. Everything has bloomed at once ... usually the wild garlic is first, then the bloodroot, the Dutchman's Britches, the violets, the sessile leaved bell wort with each fading as the other comes into its own.

Emmy Ellis said...

Great to see you finally have spring where you are!

Lovely orange tulips.


Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Hi, Beryl! I was so worried about the fires up by you - horrified at the homes and trees and critters that must've been lost. Everything here bloomed at once, too. The lilacs budded up and bloomed within THREE days, and the tulips are fading fast. I love hearing about your individual blooming flora. Maybe you could take some pix and post them on Gather for us to enjoy if you have time? Thanks for stopping by, my friend.

Michelle! How lovely to hear from you. Hope all is well at the house now that you are back to a bit more (with the young family on their own now.) Glad you like the orange tulips. ;o)

Jude Hardin said...

Thanks for the tiptoe through the tulips, Aaron.

Damn. I'm old. ;)