Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Hello, friends.

I'm pleased to announce the release of the eBook FireSong, the fifth LeGarde mystery. The print book follows along in July.

If you'd like to read a blurb about the storylines, or if you're a writer and would like to see my treatise on how to create a synopsis for your book, please stop by and say Hi!

As a special limited time offer, my publisher is also offering the prequel to FireSong, Mazurka, for FREE. (eBook). You'll find the links in the article.

Thanks in advance! Hope to see you over there.

Best wishes,



Charmaine Clancy said...

Congrats on the eBook release. I'm checking out Mazurka now. Cover of FireSong looks very dramatic!
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Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Thanks, Charmaine! So glad I found your blog, too. It's immensely helpful. I'm still a luddite when it comes to graphics online. I can do Photoshop pretty well, but when it comes to making a flickering image or whatever, I don't even try! LOL.

I love the FireSong cover - Kurt Ozinga is a talented guy!

Kim Smith said...

Just popping into blogs this morning while the rain threatens again. I will be busy editing photos soon. Hope your Sunday is awesome !