Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Gus LeGarde Monday" - Win free books!
Thanks so much to Elana Kahn, who runs a wonderful "giveaway" blog called The Twinners. Elana loves to read. She's a young mom with a cute little baby girl, and is a very nice person to boot! She's reading the whole LeGardeMystery series right now, and has posted a very nice review of my first book, Double Forté.
You can win a copy of this and every other LeGarde book (plus my first Moore Mysteries book, Healey's Cave) by following her simple instructions here.
It's so gratifying when someone "discovers" your books. She's even featuring a new Gus LeGarde book every Monday, and calling it "Gus LeGarde Day!" Neat, huh?
Thanks, Elana.
If you have time, please stop over and say hi. ;o)
Warmest regards to all,
Aaron Lazar

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