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Book Review: Trust Your Life by Noelle Sterne, review by Aaron Lazar

Author:  Noelle Sterne, Ph.D.
Publisher: Unity Books
Genre: Inspirational/Spiritual, 295 pages
ISBN-10: 0871593513
ISBN-13: 978-0871593511
ASIN: Print: 15.95; Kindle eBook: $9.99
Author’s website:

In Noelle Sterne’s new inspirational book, TRUST YOUR LIFE, she offers us a fresh opportunity to examine our lives and embrace our suppressed dreams. How many people do you know who lament about their unfound dreams, who wish they’d tried their hand at painting (for example), but “knew” they weren’t good enough? Do you know people who brood about the thought of opening their own bakery, or any other business, and don’t because they’re certain they just don’t have what it takes?

Dreams like this abound on every street corner, in every office, in every home, and probably in every heart. Yet many people resign themselves to an unfulfilled life, feeling incapable of change.

TRUST YOUR LIFE is an outgrowth of Ms. Sterne’s twenty-eight-year consulting and editorial practice, in which she serves clients pursuing graduate degrees and in other spheres of academia, as well as business and creative projects. With a Ph. D from Columbia University, Ms. Sterne offers a wealth of knowledge and experience not only from an academic perspective but from a spiritual aspect as well.

With her insightful, motivational examples, Ms. Sterne lovingly guides us in easy-to-read, step-by-step methods to help us believe and achieve our lifelong dreams.

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 10, “Take the Leap: Believe in Your Dream and Deserve It”:

Many years ago, during my typing years, in a session with a psychic (the only time I ever went), I sobbed, “All I ever do is type. How can I ever get out of this and start writing in earnest?”
Jean’s answer has stuck with me for decades and makes ultimate sense:
“Accept where you are now. However hard it is, impossible, love it. Love it 100% and more. The more you love it, the sooner you’ll shoot out from it.”
At her words, the image burst into my mind of a large, strong bird fluttering its wings and emerging from a leaf-covered nest. It spread its wings and soared into the sky.
Can you love where you are? This is part of your lesson and discipline. Focus only on loving it, despite all the gripes, impossible duties, demands, people, schedules. The sooner you start loving where you are, the sooner you’ll no longer need it and the faster you’ll soar from it.

Well-researched and chock full of delicious quotes from Thoreau to Jesus, this spiritual and grounded guide will connect with the hearts of people who toil in unhappy circumstances, or feel they are victims of God’s frivolous will. Ms. Sterne addresses these misconceptions with head-on confrontation and plenty of self-bolstering techniques.

As an author, professional, and family man, I feel motivated by uplifting words such as these, and I believe readers of this book will as well.  Ms. Sterne’s personal stories, her own and those of many others, are easy to relate to and present wonderful testimonies that set examples for all of us.

I’m confident that TRUST YOUR LIFE will birth or bring along a host of talented artists and dancers, farmers and singers, potters, bakers, and horsemen. This book will help them—and all of us—take hold of the dreams we yearn for, follow them, and fill our new lives with moments of delirious joy. It will show us that our dreams are, indeed, infinitely achievable.

Recommended by Aaron Paul Lazar, mystery author and columnist,

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