Monday, May 15, 2017

Win over 30 Mysteries with Humor and a Kindle Fire!

Hi, folks!
There's something about sunlight filtering through the petals of tulips that drives me wild. Of all the garden images that come to mind, this is one of the most glorious, don't you think? This year's crop of tulips is blazing across my flower beds - purple, white, red, yellow, pink, and more. I'll sprinkle in a few pix as we go today, just for grins. ;o)

I planted peas on Easter day, when we had soaring temperatures. I swear, I was in shorts and barefoot all day. The peas are now 4" high and thriving, in spite of the recent spate of COLD and RAIN we've had. But I know the warmth will come back soon...won't it? 

I'd best stop blathering about gardens, though, or I'll never get to the point of this post. Today I'm here to share some neat stuff: 

Freebies. Chances to win. A new book review. And some news.

I know that we have all kinds of readers who visit these days. Some of you like romance, some are suspense lovers, and plenty of you are mystery buffs. For those of you who like mysteries with a bit of humor, check out this new contest.

Today through May 22nd I'm involved in another Booksweeps contest where you could win over 30 mysteries with Humor (including For the Birds, the first book in the four-book Tall Pines series featuring Marcella and Quinn Hollister) and a new Kindle Fire. Of course, most of you know you can check out all my books as always at, where you can read excerpts, synopses, see all the series laid out in order, and more.

Here's a link for the contest if you wish to enter. It's good through May 22nd, the day by which I hope to have planted my tomatoes. ;o)

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My peas - thriving in our cool spring
What I'm Reading:

I'm going to start sharing reviews of books I'm reading with you each time we talk. Let me know if you like that idea, okay? Today, it's Wisdom Spring by Andrew Cunningham. I loved this book!


Wisdom Spring is one of those books that lingers in your mind and heart long after you've finished the story. I listened to the audiobook version, and was pulled into the lives of Jon Harper and Jessica Norton from page one. I finished listening to it over a week ago, and I'm still missing the characters. Yes, it was that good.

What I loved most about this unpredictable and unique story was not only the great chase scenes, love scenes, deep characterization, and beautifully rendered images of the countryside covering a wild cross-country drive across the States, through Canada, and all the way to Alaska, but it was the author's absolutely pure and beautiful writing style. Easy to read without being overly simplified, yet deep enough to say a lot within a few words, Mr. Cunningham is a supremely talented writer.

I also appreciated the author's ability to avoid being mired in traditional thriller genre rules, and to allow a mystical connection between the female protagonist and a loved one. I appreciated that aspect of this story and how it helped lead the troubled couple to their salvation.

One of my favorite characters was the intellectually challenged man, Clyde, in Alaska who held one of the key clues to solving the mystery of the corrupt politician and the evil empire that backed him. He was just a gem!

Another truly special aspect of Wisdom Spring was the ability of the author to show the pain of loss. Jon, the main character, has lost his daughter and subsequently split up with his wife. He has nothing to live for, is driving forward in a black shroud, and had he not stopped to pick up Jess in the pouring rain, he may not have made it through the day.

I've read several of his other books (Deadly Shore, All Lies, and Fatal Lies) which were also absolutely delightful. I hope to read more. I highly recommend this book to all who love a good suspenseful thriller!

Tremolo is getting a new cover!
Thanks to Kellie Dennis for this beautiful new cover for Tremolo. This is one of the "young Gus" series within LeGarde Mysteries, set in 1964 in Maine. Stay tuned for the new release of this old-time classic. 

You can read all of the synopses and excerpts from LeGarde Mysteries and more here.

I hope you get a chance to step outside and enjoy the incredible beauty of spring this weekend. And if you get rain like we're expecting, cuddle up with a good book. 

Happy reading,

Aaron Paul Lazar

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