Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hi, folks,

It's been way too long since I've blogged...but I've been living life - a really good thing - and writing. Plus, I've been taking a thousand pictures with my new-to-me Canon Powershot G6. I love this camera! Below is a photo of a "sun pillar." I'd never seen one before, and it captivated me all the way to work.

Daughter Allison moved back home, and we've been having a ball exploring the Genesee Valley Greenway - a system of maintained trails that hosted first the Genesee Valley Canal (1838 to 1878? or around there). We walk on what used to be the mules' towpath. (It was also a railroad for a brief period of time.) Now it's a system of gorgeous, black cinder trails that snakes through the Genesee Valley.

We also had a surprise snowstorm this weekend, and boy, did we play! We had snowball fights, built a fort, and made a tiny snowman. Needless to say, my all-boy grandsons stomped on everything shortly after we made them, laughing hysterically and flopping around in the fluffy snow. It was wonderful!

I'm almost done with my eleventh book, too, called Lady Blues. And I got some really good news about Mazurka which I'll share on the next post.

The photos have really built up, though, so today I'm sharing some of my favorites. Let me know what you think!

- Aaron

Genesee Valley Greenway - walking north from Piffard, NY access road. The sky was so blue, almost cloudless. And the air was crisp and delightful, with temps in the mid thirties. A perfect walking day!

This Pampas Grass was growing in the old prism where the canal used to run. The colony of Pampas and cat-o-nine tails were thriving!

A dried milkweed husk. Everything looked beautiful on this glorious day.

We had two days of 60-70 degree weather, wehre everything melted and flooded! This is usually just woods. Taken between Chili and Scottsville, NY. Four days later, it had receded to "normalcy."

This silver tree bark with the green accents really appealed to me. Smooth as silk.

Julian, Gordie, and I had such fun playing in the snow all weekend. It took many tries to catch this shot - he threw snow in the air and I tried to capture it in flight. ;o)

After two winters in a row without much snow to play in, Julian was REALLY happy!

He wished we had more hills on the property, though!

Gordie and his little snowman, whose life was rather ephemeral.

On our second walk on the Greenway, it was a warm day. We searched for signs of spring while the snow and ice melted around us.

A lonely tree with lots of character - I played with Photoshop here, of course!

This backlit fuzzy stem with the bud shows so much promise. What a great sign of spring!

We actually found green stuff growing, right under the snowpak!

One morning we rose at 5:30 to cross-country ski out our back door. This shot is just across the street as we were finishing up. The sun rose, and the reflection in our tracks was beautiful...

Thanks for stopping by, and don't be shy about leaving comments. I love to hear from visitors. ;o)


s.w. vaughn said...

I love love love the sun pillar! And the shot of the boys with the snow in the air is just precious.

You're fantastic with a camera... and you have such a way with words! Gee, you should be a writer or something. ;-)

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Hey, SW! Well, maybe I oughta consider that. Hmmm. Writing. Great idea!! LOL. Thanks for stopping by. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Aaron, super pictures as always. A new camera, but the man pushing the button does most of the work.

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Aww, thanks, Steve! Hey, I haven't visited you in a little while. Gotta see what you're up to!

Sonia said...

Frigidly gorgeous! After basking in our tropical climate, albeit much cooler at the moment than usual, looking at your photos chilled me to the bones...;-) Wonderful shots of Julian and Gordie!!!

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Hi, Sonia! Thanks for stopping by! Can you believe it's one week later, and today I planted my shell and sugarsnap peas, red and golden beets, three kinds of lettuce, and Swiss chard today!!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos, Aaron! Can't say I miss the snow, now that I've moved farther south, though my son often pines to romp in a snowdrift again.
Keep snapping photos. Keep sharing.

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Thanks so much! I will do my best. ;o)