Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hi, folks!

I have a gazillion things to post about, and no time to do it. Yet. But I will. I promise! I'll tell you all about my super weekend at the Keuka Lake Winery Murder Mystery Tour, show you photos of our cabin in the woods, and give you a new column about lost shots - photos, that is.

But right now I want to introduce you to a new website. My crit buddy, Sonya Bateman (aka SW Vaughn and Sonja Baines) has just landed a big city NY agent. This agent is best of the best. Sonya has worked herself to death getting there, and deserves this more than any writer I know. This agent is going to rep Hunted (and her future books), Sonya's newest urban fantasy that I've had the great pleasure of reading, chapter by chapter, as she wrote it. It is a superb, fast moving thriller that will knock you off your seat and propel you into a world of the Nephilim - intriguing half-angels, hunted by angel zealots who will scare the heck out of you. Told from the point of view of protagonist Grace, it's a fast ride filled with action, taut suspense, and sprinkled with surprising touches of lyrical poetry. Most of all, though, it's a darn good read by a heck of a writer!

Check out her website, her blog when you have a chance. Here's a blurb from her site:

Meet Grace Carrington: runaway, loner, and freak.

Grace wears colored contacts. Otherwise, she'd have to answer some uncomfortable questions about why her eyes glow. Grace can hear thoughts and manipulate machines.

See Grace cheat sleazy casinos to make enough money to live -- and to evade her mother, who wants to turn her into a sideshow attraction.

Grace trusts no one. Her peculiar talents have forced her to exist outside of society. She's never found anyone else like her, until now.

Unfortunately, the man with the glowing eyes has just been brutally murdered by a pair of killers with inhuman strength and extraordinary power... and now they've seen her face, and marked her for death.

See Grace run.


s.w. vaughn said...

Aaron! You totally tricked me! I was expecting photos...

Oh! I'm gonna cry some more! Thank you SO MUCH. You are the BEST!!!

Wow. I've already got a fabulous review... thank you. I'm so glad to know you, and just thrilled to be able to share my work with you (and get to share your work in return!)

YAY!!! :-)

Aaron Paul Lazar said...


I'll write you a real review soon - this is just a taste of what's to come! ;o)

Anonymous said...

This really sounds interesting.