Monday, March 14, 2011

Hi, folks.

My publisher and I have been trying a very cool experiment recently. We've offered one of my LeGarde Mysteries, Tremolo: cry of the loon, for free on Amazon last week and through this Thursday, St. Patty's Day.

Much to our delight, Tremolo has been at the top of the list for Amazon's free eBooks in Contemporary Fiction, as well as bouncing around in the top ten for all free eBooks including fiction and nonfiction. Pretty neat, eh?

I'm not sure if or when this will happen again, but please be sure to tell everyone who loves a good old fashioned mystery set in the Maine Lakes in 1964 to get over to Amazon and get their free download. There are NO strings attached and there is absolutely no cost at all.

One more topic - if you know Barb Carlson, a wonderful Gather member, come on over to Murderby4 to see the critique my colleagues and I provided for her piece, Cat Scratch Fever, or What? It was great fun, and Barb says it was useful. ;o) Remember, if you want to get your own critique, just check out the submission guidelines on the home page of MB4.

That's all for now! Hope you are all doing great on this mid March Monday!

Warmest regards,

Aaron Paul Lazar


Anonymous said...

Ok, you hooked me with the kindle freebie. I would LOVE to read the rest of the series, but the earliest ones are not available for the kindle. PLEASE PLEASE get them kindle-ized. I wanna start with the first book!

Thank you for offering Tremolo free. It was great and I am happy to pay for the others when they become available (I got the one other kindle book already). Really good job, looking forward to more.

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Thanks so much, Anon. ;o) If you'd like to get on the LeGarde Newsletter, just let me know. Then you'll know when they all come out in advance. And maybe you could be an advance reviewer. Would you like to review FireSong, the one that comes after Mazurka? Let me know!

Anonymous said...

I am the Anon that posted above and I would like to subscribe to the newsletter, but don't want to post my email here. I will look for a suscription link when I finish this comment. I just started Mazurka today. So far, so good, but I would like to read the other two(?) as well. Hopefully I can follow along without those first books! Would love to review FireSong. I will leave a review on Amazon as well for Tremolo. I just liked it so much I need to think about what to say. Thanks again for your generosity, without it I may never have met little Gus.

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Hi, Leighann!

Just email me at aaron dot lazar at yahoo dot com and we can sign you up for the newsletter without compromising your email address. I need to get an auto signup on the website, thanks for reminding me! So glad you posted here, and very happy you'll do reviews for the two books. Thanks a million!

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Oh, also, you can easily read all the books in any order you like. They do march through time, but they stand alone so you can pick them up in any order. ;o)